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With Tenera you improve the collaboration with your subcontractors

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  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk minimization

You too can become a digital pioneer in the construction industry

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Unlock the potential of your data for more project success.

Discover how Tenera can support your construction company in saving time, reducing risk and maximising profit.

A fragmented ConTech industry in harmony through Tenera's CCP

  • In one of the most collaborative industries, it is important that all data is accessible and used across interfaces. Connectivity drives project success. Therefore, Tenera builds on collaboration along the value chain to minimise risk and avoid time and budget overruns.
  • Intelligent service building blocks in intuitive UX/UI design, which offer the greatest possible flexibility to
  • Simplify processes along the value chain
    for better cooperative collaboration
  • Make data accessible and usable for all
    to maximise project success
  • Competent and secure Integration of third-party services

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Tenera's E-book:

The Digitalization of the Construction Industry - outlook 2030

Download E-Book: The Digitalization of the Construction Industry - Outlook 2030

3 reasons for Tenera

More project success

More project success

80% of all construction projects go over time and over budget. Tenera brings together the key players in your network, harmonises your tools and makes your data work more efficiently for you.

Data-based decisions

Data-Driven Decision Making

We extract data from your existing infrastructure and make it accessible to your teams and construction partners. This allows everyone in your building network to make better decisions, faster.

0% vendor lock-in

0% vendor lock-in

Our plug-and-play technology does not disrupt your existing IT landscape. Tenera sits on top of your infrastructure for maximum flexibility.

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The CCP using the example of modern house building

  • Different building blocks are put together to form modules.
  • Several modules, in the form of building complexes, form the CCP.
  • The water supply represents the data in the foundation of the building. These are distributed fluidly over the building or the CCP.
  • The hydrant forms an external integration.
    It embodies third-party providers that are connected to the CCP.

Tender Management

Tenera Tendering

With our intelligent solution for bidding and tendering, you will save up to 26% of your time. Automate your processes and use your time where it has the most value. Make important decisions faster and better, starting now.

Your Benefits


Tenera provides the technological basis for simple and cross-product networking.

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With our modules, we provide supplementary application-specific modules.

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Data centralisation, artificial intelligence and process automation are used to provide services that directly increase efficiency.

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Tenera CCP

The Connected Construction Platform connects people, processes and technologies across stand-alone solutions in the construction industry. With the cloud-based platform, they collect, analyse and process all construction data securely encrypted in one central location. Information is made available across teams and partners.

Tenera Tendering

Tenera's intelligent tendering solution for general contractors, architects and project developers lets you easily create and edit your tender units. Via our subcontractor network, you can directly request offers from qualified subcontractors and then compare them at a glance in the integrated price comparison.

Certificate Management

With Tenera's certificate management, you always keep an eye on the certificates of your subcontractors. Simply request the necessary documents via the portal or upload existing certificates yourself. The intelligent solution shows you the existing certificates, their validity and the contact details of the subcontractors networked with you.

What our customers say about us

"Only through the digitalisation of processes can data be used efficiently. This leads to cost-optimised construction services of the highest quality. In Tenera, we have found a partner with excellent technical expertise."

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Kai Böhme

"The web-based solution allows me to work from any location. Additionally, I can reach all stakeholders in a personalised way, simultaneously with a single click."

Profile picture Hubert Beyer

Hubert Beyer

"The tender management enables us to optimise the time spent in tender management. Even larger amounts of data can be easily integrated into requests."

Profile picture Hubert Beyer

Mathias Weberling

"Efficient and simple! The user interface of Tenera Tendering is very intuitive and appealing. With the cloud-based solution, we can speed up processes thanks to automation and complete them more successfully."

Profile picture Hubert Beyer

Elena Koropenko


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Reliable data protection thanks to
integrated security technology

In order to work together efficiently it is crucial to share all necessary information, at the right time, with the right people.

Ten of Germany's leading construction companies are already using Tenera. Book your free consultation today.

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