How does the CCP work?

The various building blocks of the CCP are put together to form individual plans. Each plan can be fine tuned to serve different construction phases.

  • If you are connected to the CCP, you can access the individual building blocks. Data from your existing system landscape can be transferred, so that the solution is enriched with your data. Of course, the data is secure and can only be viewed by you. The data is stored, analysed and utilised within the CCP. This gives you a better overview and you can use your data for more project success from now on.

    You can also connect the CCP building blocks directly to your existing system landscape to access the data from there. Thanks to our accompanying APIs, you can directly connect systems on your own. This makes it possible to exchange data with the CCP without any problems.

The functioning of the CCP

The building blocks can be used flexibly and independent of vendor according to the plug-and-play principle.

Plug & Play building blocks

Manufacturer independence

Full flexibility & control

The CCP using the example of modern house building

  • Different building blocks are put together to form modules.
  • Several modules, in the form of building complexes, form the CCP.
  • The water supply represents the data in the foundation of the building. These are distributed fluidly over the building or the CCP.
  • The hydrant forms an external integration.
    It embodies third-party providers that are connected to the CCP.
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