The idea behind the CCP

Digital solutions are essential and connectivity increases project success.
With Tenera's CCP, you collect your data together in one place and improve decision-making along the construction value chain.

  • Increase the efficiency of your processes by reducing manual interfaces and steps between different software solutions. With the CCP, Tenera has created a new architecture that builds on the companies' existing IT architecture. Presently, IT landscapes in construction companies predominantly take a fragmented approach with individual solutions or a centralised approach with a comprehensive ERP-like system. The CCP combines the advantages of both IT landscapes and offers customers new possibilities without vendor lock in.
Service Level CCP


Challenges in centralizing and using data effectively

Inefficient operations and maintenance due to system differences and lack of standardization

Service Level CCP


Long and costly process of adapting a standardized system to company-specific processes. Strong vendor lock-in, which leads to dependency and increased prices

Service Level CCP

Connected platform

Requires more involvement in the adaptation process to ensure maximum effectiveness

Connected Construction Platform

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Connected Construction Platform

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