About Us

Harmonizing how we build

It is about time to break open data silos and to connect what belongs together. Connectivity in the construction industry paves the way for construction companies to more project success.

Our Core Principle

Digitalisation reached the construction industry. The top 20% of construction companies are using the power of digital solutions to further develop their building business. But despite of innovative IT solutions, 80% of projects are running over time and over budget.

In the last 30 years could no increase in productivity be detected. This is changing now. It is about time to break open data silos and connect what belongs together. Let's lead the way to more project success through connectivity in the construction industry.

Let us harmonize how we build!

Our Brand Purpose

Building with the pulse of the world will unlock the potential of projects, people and the planet.

How we will get there

By providing a modular suite of data-driven services we will close connectivity gaps along the construction value chain.

Our Brand Values

Driven by Impact

We stand for data-driven solutions that deliver real-life results.

From Builder to Builder

We stand for true partnerships built on the synergetic value of our combined expertise.

Here to Last

We stand for reliability and excellence – in relationships and product.

Get to know our Executives

Tom Lintermans CEO and board member at Tenera. He gained his extensive industry knowledge as Digital Director and currently Director Innovation & Ventures at Carmeuse, a leading global producer of high quality calcium, dolomitic lime and limestone products. With decades of business and digital transformation experience at Accenture, he also demonstrates expertise in business building and consulting across multiple industries. He focuses on designing and implementing innovative strategies that drive value.

Empre Impraimoglu is CPO/CTO at Tenera. He has many years of experience in the implementation and development of complex real-time and scalable technologies for the telecommunications industry, as well as state-of-the-art and highly secure tech stacks for the fintech industry. He has held leadership roles at Siemens AG, Nokia Siemens and Redknee, and most recently at finleap connect. As an experienced leader in the technology industry, his focus is on developing excellent product and IT roadmaps to create sustainable, innovative and green products.

Mickaël Arrestier Managing Director with years of experience in Human Resources. Before becoming Managing Director of Tenera, he was Head of People, Operations & Finance and contributed significantly to our business planning. He has perfected his knowledge of strategic execution, recruitment and people management through working in more than five ventures and startups. His focus is continuously on the development of the company and its employees.

Our Corporate Partners

Logo Carmeuse

Tenera was developed in partnership with Carmeuse, a leading manufacturer of high-quality calcium and dolomitic lime with over 150 years of experience in the industry.


The Digital Experts of the worlds largest Company Builders Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures. This makes innovation technology part of our DNA.

What distinguishes us as a team

We are a team of analysts, builders and engineers determined to harmonize the way the world builds. Our services ensure project success, so more projects are on time and in budget. Construction companies benefit from better decision making and improved workflows. We have our origin in the partnership of Carmeuse and BCG DV. Two global players with expertise in digitalization and the construction industry. Together, we craft solutions that satisfy the needs of users and decision-makers.

trusted experts

Trusted Professionals

We combine years of digital experience with in-depth construction industry knowledge. We use this expertise to build reliable solutions tailored to industry needs.

Grounded Builders

We roll up our sleeves and get things done. We keep it simple and focus on spending time where it matters most.

Tenera - Grounded Builders

Impact Makers

We dare to challenge the industry's status quo and aim to pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

Relationship Crafters

With empathy as our key driver, we care equally for the people we build with and those we build for. We collaborate to create an honest, straightforward and respectful environment.

Tenera - Relationship Crafters

Looking for a new challenge?

Mickael Arrestier
Mickael Arrestier
Head of People, Finance & Operations