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Overview Tenera Tendering

You too can become a digital pioneer in the construction industry

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Why Tenera Tendering?

Intuitive and modern user interface

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Simple implementation as a browser-based web application

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We are able to implement your feedback faster than market alternatives

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We are able to implement your feedback faster than market alternatives

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Reliable data protection thanks to integrated security technology

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step by step

  • Project Overview

Get an overview of your construction projects at a glance

  • All projects at a glance
    Always have the most important information at hand, such as project names, brief descriptions and award units.
  • Filter by tender status
    Always keep an eye on the progress of all your projects and the latest changes.
  • Internal deadline management
    Keep an eye on the time targets for your projects.
Project overview Tenera Tendering
View awarding units

Select work packages easily and attach documents to your tenders

  • Easy editing of GAEB files
    Service specifications that have already been uploaded can be split and edited before you create an award unit from them.
  • Easy creation of award units
    units can be created with one click from uploaded service specifications.
  • Document management
    all documents relevant to your subcontractors, such as construction plans, to the awarding unit. Manage your documents centrally at project level and link them to the relevant awarding units.
  • Subcontractor Network

Get good offers faster through our verified subcontractor contact book

  • Own contacts
    Easily upload contacts from your own address book. These remain private and are not shared with other Tenera users. Synchronise your subcontractor contacts with legacy systems such as an ERP or CRM solution.
  • Subcontractor network
    Find subcontractors for all trades throughout Germany.
  • Quick selection of the right NU
    Filter your search results by number of employees, creditworthiness, company size or location.
    Based on your LV, we automatically filter their and our NU contacts according to the relevant trades.
Subcontractor network Tenera Tendering
Tender invitation Tenera Tendering
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Request quotations from pre-qualified subcontractors

  • In 3 minutes, invite 10x more trade contractors
    Personalise your invitation email and customise the text template as you wish to ensure clear and trustworthy communication.
  • Secure management and communication
    All documents and details of the award unit are transmitted in encrypted form to subcontractors via a private link.
  • Automatic status display
    Keep track of the status of your invitations with our automatic status display by subcontractor.
  • Offer management

Enjoy simplified and format independent bid submission

  • E-mail reminders for bid submissions
    Allow subcontractors to accept or decline invitations at the touch of a button. This way you keep track of the expected bid response.
  • Flexible tender submission
    Easily export and import GAEB, XLS and PDF. With Tenera, you are not tied to a single format. Provide your subcontractors with direct online tender submission. This means they do not need GAEB software.
  • Communication in one place
    Communicate directly with subcontractors via Tenera. All communication between you and subcontractors is securely documented in one central location.
Subcontractor network Tenera Tendering
Intelligent price mirror Tenera Tendering
  • Calculation

Leverage the intelligent price mirror with qualitative comparisons

  • Intelligent price estimation
    Prices for future positions are predicted using data from your past projects. This gives you a better overview of costs. Coming Soon
  • Automated communication
    Communicate the final award status automatically to all bidders by email with one click. Coming Soon
  • Export the priced BOS per bidder in GAEB, PDF and XCL
    Display indications of significant deviations, such as price outliers, in the offers. Download the priced bill of quantities per bidder. Coming Soon
  • Subcontractor area

Make it as easy as possible for your subcontractors to keep track of all offers

  • Intuitive digital tender submission
    able your contractors to submit tenders via GAEB
    or PDF upload and manual input. Your contractors have an overview of all current submission deadlines at all times.
  • Simple certificate and supplement management
    contractors can conveniently upload certificates, including e-mail reminders to share them with the general contractor when they expire. In addition, supplements can be requested for release.
    Coming Soon
  • Direct communication with the JV
    In case of questions or comments on the LV, the NU can contact the JV directly via Tenera. In this way, all participants have an overview of the process through detailed documentation.
Subcontractor area Tenera Tendering

What our customers say about us

"Efficient and simple! The user interface of the award management is very intuitive and appealing. With the cloud-based solution, we can speed up processes thanks to automation and complete them more successfully."

Profile picture Malte Schroeder

Elena Koropenko

"The web-based solution allows me to work from any location. Additionally, I can reach all stakeholders in a personalised way, simultaneously with a single click."

Profile picture Hubert Beyer

Hubert Beyer

"Tenera's strong team and use of the latest technologies convinced me that I had found the right partner here."

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Tilman Rillox

"The tender management enables us to optimise the time spent in tender management. Even larger amounts of data can be easily integrated into requests."

Profile picture Hubert Beyer

Mathias Weberling