Challenge & Solution

Basics of data security

Things to know and initial approaches that every company can implement in the short term

The digitalisation of the construction industry in a global comparison

How are the countries of the world approaching the digitalisation of the construction industry? The hurdles are often the same, but the approaches differ greatly.

The digitisation of the construction industry in figures

What do the players in the construction industry think about the topic of digitalisation? We conducted a survey with over 500 participants.

Construction brings up the rear in terms of digitalisation

3 factors why the construction industry is lagging behind and 5 solutions to change this situation. Learn more in this blog post.

Steering instead of rowing

Tips for cost controlling in the construction industry. In this blog entry we give you 3 tips that guarantee more project success.

Price comparison - 6 tips and examples

In the following blog entry, we will show you six valuable tips on how to create a useful price list.

E-Book - Success factors in the construction industry

7 project activities you should measure and evaluate. Scalable project activities and current performance indicators in the construction industry.

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