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InnovationAttestation Management- 2023 Update

Map View, Version History, New Attestation Workflows & More Attestation Management - The Latest Version is Here!

Challenge & SolutionBasics of data security

Things to know and initial approaches that every company can implement in the short term

Speaking with the industry Sustainability in construction - Storck-Baugesellschaft

What influence can digital platforms have on the attractiveness of the construction industry as an employer?

Speaking with the industry Holistic project management and cross-interface working - KLEUSBERG

Benedikt Anders talks to us about networked working and digital interaction with subcontractors

Speaking with the industry Digital collaboration and more sustainability in the construction industry - the networked value chain

Caroline Sturm shares with us her experiences on automating processes along the value chain for more sustainability

Speaking with the industry Recognising the added value of digitalisation - Willi Meyer Bau

Where does the digital transformation start in the company? Sebastian Koch talks about potential for improvement, acceptance and appreciation.

Speaking with the industry Successfully accompanying the digital transformation - Schrobsdorff Bau AG

What challenges and opportunities does a digitalisation consultant see for construction companies? Eric Kalesky provides interesting insights.

Speaking with the industry Creating standards with the digital toolbox - ZÜBLIN

What role does standardisation play in digitalisation in the construction industry? Insights from Simon Jagenow.

Speaking with the industry Digital subcontractor management - Freyler

How can you generate added value for all stakeholders through innovation? Find out in this blog post.

InnovationData integration - following the path of the data

Where is valuable data being lost and how could we use it for ourselves? This article will enlighten you about it.

InnovationOpen BIM vs. Closed BIM

This blog post explains BIM and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of system landscapes.

InnovationPropTechs and ConTechs

Innovative technologies of the construction industry and how through cooperative collaboration, connectivity is created.

Challenge & SolutionSteering instead of rowing

Tips for cost controlling in the construction industry. In this blog entry we give you 3 tips that guarantee more project success.

Challenge & SolutionPrice comparison - 6 tips and examples

In the following blog entry, we will show you six valuable tips on how to create a useful price list.

Challenge & SolutionE-Book - Success factors in the construction industry

7 project activities you should measure and evaluate. Scalable project activities and current performance indicators in the construction industry.

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