Attestation Management- 2023 Update

Map View, Version History, New Attestation Workflows & More Attestation Management - The Latest Version is Here!

Improved processes in certificate management

Have you established a new partnership for a new service area?
Are you looking to start or run a project that requires certificate updates and tracking?

Our CCP allows you to either manually upload these certificates through our system, approve them internally as needed, and keep track of new versions as you prefer your existing email communications.

You can leave the automation to our system. You can request, receive and approve all processes in one tool. We support the known/used certification types and the standard STLB trades.

In addition, CCP allows you to create your own certificate types or trades and adapt them to your already well-defined or established workflows.

With our new version we offer extended information flows. You will be notified by email about important events, such as when your partner responds to your requests or when a certificate has expired. We have also created a daily email for you. In it, you will find a summary of all attestation-related events that require your attention. You can act directly to renew expired attestations or go directly to the approval of new attestation submissions.

Your partners will also receive emails from our product about important events such as submission deadlines, rejections or approvals to which they can react immediately:

Version history

You want to search for documents that are already 7 years old? 

We provide you with a historical version of your documents. When you upload or approve new documents for an attestation, we make sure that the old documents are saved and accessible through the search functions. In 10 years, when your project is in maintenance and you need to prove that the partner you are working with now issued you a specific attestation, you can easily search, view, download and use them as solid evidence for your audit.

Our redundant system enables the storage and secure retention of your documents in full compliance with EU data directives.

Map view

Typically, you maintain long-standing partnerships and need to continue to work efficiently and in a timely manner, with them.

Our CCP will now not only offer you improved filter options, for example to search in specific areas or for specific service areas, but you can also do this via the map view.

  • You have the ability to match ongoing risk assessments against your contact information using current card data.
  • You can even simulate routes to your project locations via map navigation.
  • Of course, we also display status information on customers with expired, invalid or submitted certificates in one central location.

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