Market and trends

Speaking with the industry Hope Generation Change: Digitization Boost from Younger Management

Will the next generation of contractors make the industry more digital?

Speaking with the industry Integrated Project Delivery Models (IPD) in Civil Engineering

Innovative Forms of Project Execution Conquer the Construction Industry: Maximilian Budau from KIT Explains IPD

Speaking with the industry Together into the future

How digital collaboration and experience sharing creates progress in the craft sector

Speaking with the industry Sustainability in construction - Storck-Baugesellschaft

What influence can digital platforms have on the attractiveness of the construction industry as an employer?

Speaking with the industry The role of ConTech start-ups in digitalisation - BDBau

How more visibility for ConTechs will put the construction industry even more firmly on the path to the digital future

Speaking with the industry How will Lean Construction Management change the industry?-RefineVVC

How can lean drive the digital transformation of the construction industry? Patrick Theis describes a mindset shift and makes a forecast

Speaking with the industry Successfully accompanying the digital transformation - Schrobsdorff Bau AG

What challenges and opportunities does a digitalisation consultant see for construction companies? Eric Kalesky provides interesting insights.

Speaking with the industry Creating standards with the digital toolbox - ZÜBLIN

What role does standardisation play in digitalisation in the construction industry? Insights from Simon Jagenow.

InnovationNew approaches with robotics in the construction industry - Thomas Bock

A robotised construction site that brings more efficiency and facilitates the work of humans - a vision of the future or already feasible today?

Challenge & SolutionThe digitalisation of the construction industry in a global comparison

How are the countries of the world approaching the digitalisation of the construction industry? The hurdles are often the same, but the approaches differ greatly.

Challenge & SolutionThe digitisation of the construction industry in figures

What do the players in the construction industry think about the topic of digitalisation? We conducted a survey with over 500 participants.

InnovationOpen BIM vs. Closed BIM

This blog post explains BIM and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of system landscapes.

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